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About Us

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We started formally 4 years ago, but in the construction business, we have a total of 8 years of experience to be exact. It was a time when there was very little work, and it was during Christmas when we sat on the steps of a small house, not more than 1500 square feet, which my brother was renting. I was single, and my brother had his baby in his arms. We decided that we needed to do something to support our family.Without any official documents or papers to prove our partnership, we put our trust in each other and in God to build a company called Innovative Services Corporation. We had no idea how big it could become; we simply had faith in God's plan for us. We started by doing the jobs ourselves, always striving to perfect our craft. As we began to get more work, we made the decision to purchase our first vehicle, an old 2003 black Ford van. We were so excited that we didn't realize the condition of the van until we opened it - the floor was in terrible shape. When we saw it, my brother and I burst out laughing. Now, we faced another challenge because we didn't have the budget for repairs. Through it all, we saw God's hand guiding us, and we enjoyed every moment of it.

Our first two employees were Alexis and Astrid, and they were the ones who helped kickstart everything. Of course, we worked alongside them, perfecting our professional painting services.


Now, in 2023, we're reaping the rewards of what we sowed back then, Alexis is our Crew Leader, and Astrid is second in command after Alexis. We witness the company's progress every day, thanks to customer referrals and the great reviews we've received. Everything we do is done with love and excellence.

ISC is more than just a company; it's a platform that provides livelihood to over 8 families, addressing the needs and requests of our clients. In ISC, our expertise expanded from painting to complete interior remodeling. We now have more than 15 people working for us in both the painting division and the remodeling division.

We also collaborate with foundations that help people in Guatemala who are in dire need. We contribute by making monetary donations to bring essential supplies to those in need. We also support our local community.

We can only say Thanks to God for everything that has come into our lives.

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